-Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs - NEW!

-Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs - NEW!

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Our New Skin & Coat Supplement supports a healthy skin & coat, improved coat appearance, reduces excess shedding, and itchiness for dogs with allergies.  It will help your dog look and feel great.  These salmon flavored soft chews are naturally irresistible, are perfect for all sizes and breeds of dogs. 90 chews.

Omega 3 Fish Oils: Powered with Omega-3 Fish Oils with DHA & EPA to help reduce inflammation for itch free skin.

Biotin & Zinc: To Support lustrous Skin & Coat.  Biotin also helps optimize the benefits of our Icelandic Fish Oil, making this a great complement for using both products together.  

Vitamin C & E: For Added Immune Support & Allergy Defense

Collagen: To Support Healthy Joints, Mobility, and Healthy Skin

Quality Ingredients: Our naturally irresistible and healthy chews are  made with no added corn, wheat, grain, sugar, salt, artificial colors or flavors. Made in the USA with US and globally sourced ingredients.