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Dog Leash Buying Guide

Dog Leash Buying Guide

When looking into buying a leash for your dog, many determining factors go into the process. You want to find something comfortable for not just your holding convenience but for your dog's walking comfort as well. Leashes come in all different styles, materials, and brands, but there are some out there that rise above the rest and are worth giving a whirl.

What You’re Looking For

Depending on your dog, you want to find a leash that is best suited to their behavior. For example, you might need a specific type of leash if your dog is a tugger. If you have multiple dogs, there are leashes out there best suited for that as well. Ultimately, you're going to get out of a leash that you put into it price-wise. Some may last longer than others, but it’s good to have a budget in mind when looking at different leashes and what you’ll need based on your dog’s behavior and how many dogs you have.


Nylon, leather, rope, and hemp are the most common leash materials used, and they might be the ones you find the most. Each type has its perks. For example, nylon leashes are much more affordable and easier to clean. Leather lasts longer and looks nicer if you want to buy a leash with an outward appeal. Rope leashes work well for dogs with that extra bit of strength in their pull, and hemp leashes have hypo-allergenic qualities and are more environmentally friendly.

Chain Leashes

Chain leashes work great for dogs that like to chew up and gnaw on their leashes. They aren’t as appealing for a dog to chew, which results in little to no chewing at all. However, chain leashes do have their downsides, as they do end up being a bit heavy for both you and your pup. Some leashes that aren't reinforced as well may even end up being a danger to your dog, especially if your dog is a tugger. Overall, chain leashes are pretty good for stopping your dog from chewing and damaging that brand new expensive leash, but it does pose its own risks at times.

Metal Dog Leash Dog Chain with Padded Handle for Large & Medium Size Dogs

Pros: Padded handle, meant for larger and medium-sized dogs, different length variations

Cons: Expensive

Chain Leash Chew Proof Metal Dog Leash with Soft Padded Handle

Pros: Affordable, cheap, different variations of the leash

Cons: Short, only 4 feet

Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are among the many kinds of leashes that allow your dog to have the freedom to roam and walk around more. Your dog can stay near you while being able to roam a short distance away. However, some retractable leashes can have uncomfortable, wonky handles that are a pain to hold. Additionally, your dog may be able to stray a little further than normal, which can lead to them walking into a dangerous situation. Retractable leashes may be useful for giving your dog freedom, but you need to be in control most of the time while handling them on this type of leash.

Fida Retractable Dog Leash, 16ft Heavy Duty Pet Walking Leash

Pros: Long, 16-foot length, can be used on all dog sizes (small, medium, large), inexpensive, easy to use, quick lock for instant control and retraction of the leash, different variations

Cons: None

CLEEBOURG Upgraded Retractable Dog Leash, Heavy Duty Pet Walking Leash with Anti-Slip Handle

Pros: Long, 16-foot length, inexpensive, heavy-duty, anti-slip surface for more control

Cons: Extremely bulky handle, no variations

Adjustable Leashes

Adjustable leashes may be at the top of the leash chain here. Not a literal chain, but you get the idea. Adjustable leashes are attachable to both a harness and a collar, so there’s no need to worry about buying a specific type of leash for your dog's harness or collar, depending on what they have. You can also tether your dog to a post if necessary. Adjustable leashes are multi-use and very durable, so you won't find yourself having too many issues with these kinds of leashes.

Black Rhino Dog Leash

Pros: Inexpensive, count variations, reflective, better control, comfort grip

Cons: Medium and large dogs only

BAAPET 6 FT Strong Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle

Pros: Inexpensive, reflective, paddled handle, color variations, heavy-duty.

Cons: Short, only 6 feet

Split Leashes

Split leashes are useful for when you need to walk multiple dogs. These leashes split off into different sections, and each one can be attached to a dog's collar or harness depending on what they have on. If you choose the right leash, you won't have to worry about your dogs getting tangled up while on that afternoon walk.

Mighty Paw Double Dog Leash

Pros: No tangle, weatherproof, reflective

Cons: Only two dogs can use this leash at a time

iYoShop Dual Dog Leash

Pros: 360 leash, no swivel, shock absorption, no tangle, padded handles

Cons: Expensive

Special Consideration Leashes

Occasionally, dogs need special leashes. Maybe your dog doesn't have the best leash manners or needs occasional reminders about how to behave while he's on the leash. Perhaps you live in an area where you need a good reflective leash, or you have other special considerations. I’ve put together some leashes that don’t fall into easy categories, too!

ROK Straps Stretch Leash

This is an excellent leash for dogs that love to pull. The ROK leash gives you the option to short leash quickly. It's got a rubber insert, so when the dog tries to pull, it's less wear and tear on the person walking the dog.

Pros: Large size works for dogs up to 150 pounds; the double handle is good for working with dogs who have poor leash manners

Cons: Expensive


More than just reflective, the BSEEN dog leash actually has LED lights. Perfect for anyone who has to walk their dog in an area with no sidewalks!

Pros: Lightweight nylon, USB charger

Cons: Short charge

Hands-Free Dog Leash

If you need a hands free dog leash for jogging or because your dog is a service dog, then this is the perfect leash for you!

Pros: Available in many sizes, a quick-release mechanism

Cons: None


Choosing the perfect leash for your dog doesn't need to be overwhelming. Keep in mind the options that you need when you're shopping, and choosing the perfect one should be pretty simple and easy!

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