Multifunction 15-in-1 Chews for Dogs

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Boost Your Dog's Wellness with Deley Naturals 15 in 1 Dog Multivitamins

Introducing Deley Naturals 15 in 1 Dog Multivitamins, your solution to supporting comprehensive health in dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Made in the USA, these 120 grain-free soft chews are formulated with essential nutrients to bolster the immune system, enhance skin and coat health, support joint mobility, and aid digestion. With a delicious chicken flavor, these supplements offer a daily dose of wellness your dog will eagerly accept.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Health Support: Our multivitamins are crafted to support vital health areas including the immune system, skin, coat, eyes, joints, heart, and digestive health, offering a holistic approach to your dog's wellness.
  • Enhanced Immune System: Fortified with vitamins C, A, E, and folic acid, our supplements provide potent antioxidants to strengthen your dog's immune defenses against illness.
  • Improved Digestive Health: Featuring 6 strains of probiotics and 1 billion CFU's, alongside digestive enzymes, niacin, and pumpkin, our formula promotes healthy gut flora and alleviates digestive discomforts such as gas and diarrhea.
  • Joint and Mobility Support: A powerful combination of collagen, glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin targets hip, joint, and cartilage health, reducing inflammation and enhancing mobility and flexibility for dogs at any stage of life.
  • Skin, Coat, Eyes, Brain & Heart Wellness: Ingredients like krill oil, biotin, vitamin A, and vitamin E support healthy skin and coat, reduce shedding, and aid in maintaining proper eye and brain function. B vitamins boost energy, nerve function, and overall health.
  • Nutrient-Rich Formula: Designed to address a wide spectrum of health needs, these supplements are an ideal choice for daily health maintenance, ensuring your dog remains vibrant and healthy.
  • Chicken-Flavored Soft Chews: The appealing chicken flavor ensures your dog looks forward to their daily vitamin, simplifying the process of maintaining consistent health support.
  • Natural and Safe: Produced in a GMP Compliant Inspected facility in the USA, our multivitamins are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, grains, corn, or sugar, prioritizing your dog's health and safety.
  • Daily Wellness Support: These supplements are a proactive approach to maintaining immune health, joint mobility, digestive wellness, and more, keeping your dog in peak condition.

Active Ingredients Per 2 Soft Chews (8 Grams):

  • Glucosamine HCI (Shellfish Source)... 625 mg
  • Organic Turmeric......................500 mg
  • PurForMSM® Methylsulfonylmethane......325 mg
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).............235 mg
  • Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source)..210 mg
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract..............55 mg
  • Egg Shell Meal (Source of Collagen)...25mg
  • Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopherol)........52 IU

Elevate your dog's daily health regimen with Deley Naturals 15 in 1 Dog Multivitamin. Our chicken-flavored, grain-free soft chews are not just supplements; they're a commitment to your dog's long-term health and vitality. Try them today and contribute to your dog's happier, healthier life.


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