About Us

We have always had a houseful of pets.  Because of our animal crazy daughter, we have had guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, bunnies, dogs and horses over the last 18 years.  So pets and animals have just been a part of our lives and we could not imagine not having these amazing beings in our family. 

Our beloved dog Charlie is the one who inspired us to create a line of all natural pet supplements, due to an accident he had.  He jumped out of the back of our car after some playtime at the dog park.  His legs must have been tired from all of the running and when he jumped out, his front legs gave out, which caused his back end to flip forward (he has a long body).  Within 24 hours he was paralyzed from mid-back down.  We rushed him to the vet and was told that it would be a very slim chance that surgery would reverse his condition.. but since there was a chance, we rushed him down to the largest surgical center we have here (4 hours away).  We were told there would be a 50% chance that his condition could be reversed.. and even at that, he may have a limp, or incontinence issues.  We love Charlie so much, there was no way we could not go ahead with the surgery. 

Luck was on Charlie’s side.. the surgery was a 100% success.. today you would never know he was ever paralyzed.  The surgical clinic said the best thing I could do during Charlie’s recuperation time, was to give him very nutrient based food and supplements.  I was trying to find products that he would actually eat, but being on pain medication he was not even interested in food.  I had to really doctor up the supplements to entice him in the least. I gave him probiotics, glucosamine, turmeric and chondroitin (as per our vet’s instructions) but I had to disguise it all in peanut butter or in a chicken paste. 

During his rehab (I had to do rehab exercises with Charlie 5x a day for months). I kept thinking, it would be so nice to have natural pet supplements that would entice him to eat.. no doctoring up to get him to take what is good for him.  That’s how Deley Naturals was created.. the idea that something tasty could be beneficial and healthy for our pets.  This is always at the forefront of our minds when we develop new products... our supplements are healing and beneficial, but they are also an enticing ‘treat’ for your pet... a natural treat that you can feel good giving to your pet.

Leta Dianne Deley, Deley Naturals