-Probiotics Plus Supplement for Dogs - NEW!

-Probiotics Plus Supplement for Dogs - NEW!

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Our New Advanced Digestive Support for Dogs naturally improves digestive health, boosts the immune system and helps restore gut health while increasing good bacteria and the efficient digestion of your dog’s food. These pumpkin flavored soft chews are naturally irresistible, are perfect for all sizes and breeds of dogs.  90 chews.

Supercharged with 5 Billion CFUs and 6 Powerful Enzymes

Amylase (to help break down carbs), Cellulase (to help balance bowels), Lipase (to help break down fats), Pumpkin (to help with optimal stool consistency), Bromelain (to help with digestion and inflammation), Protease (to help break down proteins), and Chicory Root (to support the growth of good bacteria).

Made with no added corn, wheat, grain, sugar, salt, artificial colors or flavors.  Made in the USA with US and globally sourced ingredients.